Avalanche Kennels is located on 15 beautiful acres with a pond, in Cowpens, South Carolina. While I have lived here since 1992, Lee was born and raised here. We both have a great passion for animals. Over the years we have owned Saint Bernards, Boxers, Pit bulls, Neo. Mastiffs, Shitzu, Chihuahuas, and now Cane Corsos. Our family has also included Potbelly pigs, Lizards, Mud puppy, Outside pond, Inside fish tanks, Salamanders, rabbits, and believe it or not, our Monkey "Nicholas", whom I love with all my heart. Lee and I help with many different rescue groups here in South Carolina. We help to place unwanted animals of all kinds.

Out of all the breeds Lee and I have raised, we have fallen in love with the Cane Corso. I have never experienced such loyalty and devotion in an animal like the Cane Corso. Their willingness to succeed is unbelievable. They have a passion for their families that no words can express. I have experienced this love first hand with my sire Diesel when he helped to save my daughter and I from a robbery in 2005.

Lee and I work hard to make Avalanche Kennel a memorable event when families come to visit. We enjoy walking families around the Kennel, so they can see "first hand" where our dogs live, eat, play and sleep. All of our dogs are crate trained, and obedience trained. All of our Cane Corso are AKC registered, many dual registered with the FCI and ICCF, and have been X-rayed free of Hip Dysplasia.


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