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Cane Corso Breeders
Cane Corso - Honorary Members of Our Society


Cane Corso Links

Cane Corso Coalation - A very informative site full of Corso information
Presenting the Cane Corso - Very Well Put together Cane Corso Information, by the CCC
Cane Corso Standard - Breed Standard 2003
Cane Coso Italiano - Corso information site
Cane Corso Rescue - A Nationwide referral service matching Corsos with forever homes
Molosser World - Molosser site
OFA - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
PennHIP (University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program)
OFA & PennHIP - Comparison Article


Cane Corso Registries & Breed Clubs

ICCF - International Cane Corso Federation - USA
CCPS - Cane Corso Preservation Society - USA
AKC - American Kennel Club - USA

ATICCI - Associazione Tecnica Internazionale Cane Corso Italiano
AICC - Associazione Italiana Cane Corso
BCCA - Belgian Cane Corso Association
CAMILA - Club des Amateurs de Molossoides Iberiques et Latino-Americains
CCCN - Cane Corso Club Nederland
CCCUK - Cane Corso Club U.K.
CCMCC - Cane Corso Mastif Club of Canada
CICO - Club Italiano Corso Ortognato
CMA - Canadian Molosser Association
CPC - Clube Portugues de Canicultura
ENCI - Ente Nazionale Cinofilia Italiana
FCI - Fédéracion Cynologique Iternationale
FCPR - Fédéracion Canofila de Puerto Rico
RSCE - Real Sociedad Canina de Espana
SACC - Societa' Amatori Cane Corso
SCC - Société Centrale Canine
SFC - Société Francophone de Cynotechnie
SRSH - Société Royale Saint-Hubert


Cane Corso Forums, Bulletin Boards & Groups
We are not responsible for any content on any of these sites.
Some of the BB discussions can get rather heated, and be quite negative.
Remember, everything is subjective, and there are two sides to every coin.

Bandog Banter - BB
Canadian Molosser Association Forum - BB
Cane Corso Mastiff Club of Canada - BB
Cane Corso Club of UK - BB
Cane Corso Coalition - BB
Cane Corso - BB
Corso Talk - BB
International Cane Corso Federation - BB
Leerburg - Forum
Molosser-Talk - BB
Not Just Dogs - Forum
Weight Pull - BB
Working Cane Corso Italiano - BB
Cane Corso - Yahoo Group
Cane Corso Breed - Yahoo Group
Cane Corso Breed Group - MSN Group
Il Cane Corso - MSN Group


More Links

About Time Cane Corso - Recommended Breeder in the US
Cane Club Kennel of Brazil
Dog Friendly .com
- U.S. and Canadian pet travel guides for dogs of all sizes & breeds.

Working Dogs .com - Resources to locate dog-friendly transportation, lodging, and more.
Doggone - Pet Travel Guide & Dog friendly accommodations.

WebRings - This site is a member of.



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